• Stand in your Inner Light and Elegance, knowing the truth of your Soul, your Life's Purpose! A woman mid-twirl standing tall, confident, graceful, illuminated by radiant sunshine that warms the scene. She is poised in success at the top of a staircase.

    Nurture Your Soul

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Unlock What's Inside You

Spiral Embrace offers Transformational Life Coaching services specializing in optimizing your Divine Life Purpose.

Whether you are looking for your unique path, wanting to optimize your business in a soul-inspired way, or delve into the imagery in our dreams...

A coach provides an opportunity to peak (pun intended) into our subconscious, where growth stems from. Using incredible
tools to support your process, expansion and higher calling. Even a basic dream image can provide incredible insight for positive growth.

Allow yourself to explore in a safe nurturing space as Amanda walks you through creative exercises to support your self-discovery.

We all have room to grow!

"Spiral" Dream Circle



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