Spiral Embrace

SPIRAL Dreamwork Circle

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Spiral Embrace

Dreamwork Circle

8 weeks

Tuesdays 11:00 am - 1:00 pm EST
Tuesdays 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST
Setting a community of routine dreamwork opens up the vast possibility held within this imaginal space. Join us weekly for 8 weeks as we delve into learning, creating, sharing and personal growth.
Wherever you are in your dream discovery you are welcome!
Each week will have a short lesson, a shared dream, discussion and reflection. The session will be opened in a routine manner so that it sets a space of comfort and community and closes in order to provide a secure container for the discussions held within the Circle. For this reason, this will be a live event only, no recordings will be created.
Each week brings new insights, lessons and creative activities to shake up your sleep routine, help you to delve into dream symbols and get in touch with your inner wisdom. 
Dreams are more than an interpretation - get curious and build a relationship with yours!

Dream Circle Layout:
Welcoming and Introduction/Community Sharing
Opening Ceremony
Short Lesson
Shared Dream(s)
Closing Ceremony

In our opening ceremony we welcome the creative space of dreams by inviting in the Divine (G-d/Spirit/Source) from a spiritually welcoming approach and Spiritual Supports (Angels/Ancestors/Guides). Dreams are sourced from the spiritual dimension and so must be maintained in a sacred space.

Be sure to have a safe, peaceful environment to attend the session via Zoom. Please no pets, children or unregistered observers.
Bring pen and paper/journal as this is a working process.

*Sharing is always voluntary.*

Techniques and exercises will be offered to delve into your own dream to help you find meaning.
The Closing Ceremony offers the dream space to safely be contained through an honouring process, thanking the spiritual supports (Ancestors/Angels/Guides) and Divine (G-d/Spirit/Source) for their guidance and messages.

Be sure to bring pen/paper and a recent or pressing dream.

No dream? That's ok! Show your dreams you are ready and listening.

Don't remember dreams? That's ok, dream recall exercises will be shared, too!

Your guide through this dream journey is Amanda Shuman, who is a Certified Transformational Life Coach, trained in Kabbalistic Dreamwork and Level 1 Certified in Dream Tending. Her nurturing energy holds an atmosphere of sharing, learning and community where you can explore dreams and get to know each other.
Begin to understand your dream meanings!

~Watch for Upcoming Circles~