About Spiral Embrace

Society has taught us to push through, to get the job done, to “Just Do It”. We, as a collective, have forgotten to slow down and listen to our body, our instinct, our gut, our innate knowing, our divine inner wisdom. As we begin to listen, we can be flooded with information. How do you use this to activate your best self? Have I understood the dream meanings correctly? As we start processing what is coming up we get clarity and deeper wisdom. Wherever you are on your soul’s path, having the deeper understanding of yourself and your dreams will empower you in your truth.

My name is Amanda Shuman, I am here to guide and inspire as you lovely souls discover and embrace your life journey using symbols found within your dreams. Since dreams are created in REM sleep, what we remember are symbols that are translated imagery from our subconscious. Once realized, and activated they can help you heal at your deepest core.

Along my own life journey, dreams have always been vivid, colourful and lucid, as though I was in a storybook and creating the story as I go – almost daily. Unfortunately, it was always brushed aside, that dreams were nothing more than a creative imagination. In my youth, interpretive dream books were disappointing, they lacked description, variety and the ‘how’ to decipher the rest of the dreamscape. You see, my dreams consist of hundreds of images, not a few. In creative writing class, I learned that popular writers scientists and singers often were inspired through their dreams. At the same time I felt both inspired and lost.

It was a miraculous opportunity when I learned of a wonderful teacher who taught spiritual and scientific support for dreamwork. Everything began connecting within my life. As a deeply Creative and Artistic person and passionate about Nature and Science, my education and employment were stretched across a divide. Most creatives are not technical, and most technicians are not creative.

Or are they?

Using this unique combination, How can I serve your growth and self-discovery in the best way? We will start with a complimentary call to make sure we are well fitted for your journey. To put labels and terminologies to my gifts: I am strongly Clairsentient, meaning I can feel a persons soul, emotions and perceptions; I am Clairvoyant, having crystal clear dreams and visions; and I am Clairecognizant, knowing things without rational reason. These special gifts help me tune into a clients needs to help them navigate and discover their personal answers and meaning. 

It is my purpose to provide supportive nurturing council, divinely guided and translatable for many beliefs and cultures. The dreamwork approach that I study and continue to deepen into is the Jewish Dreamwork approach based in Kabbalistic wisdom. It is a practice of experience, learning and guidance, rooted deep in millennia of Torah wisdom. As it is my nature, I am always seeking knowledge and am furthering my understanding in Jungian and Freudian (scientific) approaches, following published scientific papers and learning indigenous tribal approaches (there are a plethora), when honoured with the opportunity to be taught by Elders.

Dreams are more than we once thought. Set a journal on your bedside to record these miraculous wonders and begin your journey with Spiral Embrace!