Book 1 - Journey Begins

First things first, WELCOME!

It is so exciting to begin this blogging journey towards authorship! It starts with writing one book...who knows where it will end...

Over the past few years, inspiration has been itching me to write very specific books with my dream and symbolism-based knowledge. The process officially began in the summer of 2022 when pen hit paper for my first outline. Even though it has been an idea in my head for a few years, clarity came with distinct direction...and I was off to the writing races!

Putting down nearly 10,000 words in a short few months felt like a feat in itself while juggling Back to School with my kids, then Thanksgiving, Halloween, as well as the Intensive Dream Tending program at Pacifica. It got harder and harder to set up time to write. By November, I had a new routine at the library to write while my kids attended library events. This coincided with Nanowrimo, a digital novel writing forum for the month of November, which helped me track my progress and push me through the finish line...or so I thought.

November had it's own plans for our family. We had a series of family changes that paused my writing for months. I mean, MONTHS! Of course, it showed up in my dreams that there would be a time where I would be stuck, but dreams are like hindsight, better understood when reflecting back. It was clear that I was needed at home. Retreats stopped, writing stopped - it was time to process and integrate.

These months were filled with poetic writing and art and toastmasters, but my book sat in a file, unopened, unfinished.

Close up of woman in blue shirt and sunglasses holding printed manuscript of upcoming book

June marked the start of a summer of writing, writing, writing! With a goal to publish in the Fall of 2023. My family got used to seeing me with my laptop clicking away in a Muskoka chair in the sunshine. Chapter by chapter it is getting written and I am so excited to share the journey!

We are now in September and I have printed my very first draft of the book to ink up with my red pen!


See you in the dreamtime!

~ A

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