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Join Amanda Shuman of Spiral Embrace
on Sunday, October 2, 2022  from 4 PM - 6 PM EST
For her Signature Workshop
Located at Ritual Yogahouse in Downtown Brampton
"All dreams have meaning", right?!
Whether you are a vivid dreamer, have recurring dreams, or can't seem to remember them, this workshop helps you build skills, meet like-minded people and delve into this creative, imaginative space in a nurturing environment. Develop a relationship with your subconscious - an aspect of your soul that is reaching out to you through symbolism, metaphors, puns and word-play. Develop methods to better get to know your inner self through what comes up in dreams.
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In this 2 hour workshop learn how and why we dream and more importantly how to apply dreams to your life through the imagery, narratives and landscapes that show up. Support deeper understanding of your personal and universal imagery and incorporate your discoveries into your daily interactions and relationships through hands-on activities and practice.
How will this event look?
Opening with a grounding exercise, symbolic opening ritual (either a candle lighting or presentation of a symbolic totem) to open the space and an intention setting all in a neutral spiritual approach.
The Lessons Include:
~ safety around dreams - to whom and when to tell your dream
~ the science and historical approaches to sleep and dreams
~ personal and universal symbolism
~ practical exercises and group discussions
Closing the space with thoughtful reflection and symbolic closing ritual (extinguish candle or remove totem).
$50 per person for this Special Event
with an exclusive discount only for participants of this workshop for the upcoming Series in November (ask me about this)!

Participants will receive a "Dream Handbook" to keep with their Dream Journal offering inspiration, tips and tricks right where you need it - with your journal.

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