Welcome to Spiral Embrace!

It is my absolute pleasure to begin this Journey! 

In life, we are all presented with opportunities, our choices direct our lessons that in turn reflect in our growth. Our roads - yours and mine - have led us to intersect at this exact timing. Call it luck or divine influence, we were meant to cross paths ~here and now~.

Whether our time together is short or long and fruitful, we grow along our paths as we share this moment, this space.

While we are together, here is a story of what led me here:

Let's start with a dream..."I wash my hands at a sink in a white clinical atmosphere, it is a waiting room. I sit on a chair alone, empty chairs around me. A nurse comes in with a tray with a phone, she says the coaching call is for me. She asks a few questions of my education as I take the phone. Answering her, I tell her that I am a graduate of dreamwork coaching, that I use the tools of dreamwork and coaching together. I take the call and time fast forwards, the nurse returns as the call ends and the waiting room is now full, every chair."

Over time, the dream imagery developed and I have met the "nurse" in real life. She and I were not acquainted when I had the dream. In fact, she is from the Coaching School I graduated from: Rivka Malka's School For Coaching and Transformation. Time and space are not bound by laws of physics in dreamscapes. We can often see people in dreams before meeting them in waking life.

When searching for truth in the areas of both dreamwork and coaching, I followed intuition and found guidance from my Divine Source. The training that I have taken and continue to take are my path, which I am pleased to share with you. However, each person has their own purpose and path and I encourage you to follow your own intuition and where you are guided. We are journeying alongside each other and I honour your journey and spiritual path in life as unique. 

Where I stand, I am surrounded with people from many backgrounds, faiths and perspectives. Truth is not given to one, but rather pieces of the truth are revealed for us to come together to understand better. I feel this ensures that we remember not one person can know everything. We all hold pieces of the truth and must work together to achieve peace, love and harmony.







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